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Schedule Change Requests

At Mitchell High School, we have created a simple and easy to follow system to meet your scheduling needs. 

Please keep in mind that we must first build your students' schedule based on transcripts and graduation requirements. 

Here is a reminder of how to request schedule changes:

1) Schedules will be built by the last day of school, December 15th.  Click here to check your schedule online.

2) Schedules will be printed out by January 3rd and given to your students’ first period teachers.

3) Students must make a schedule change request between January 4th - 8th.  The course request form will be given in their first period on the first day of classes.

We will not accept schedule change requests after January 8th.

4) Counselors will work hard to complete schedule changes by January 12th.

5) After January 12th, changes will require administrator approval. (Carlos Perez, Amy Sanchez-Martinez, or Jerry Monks.)