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Parents/guardians should limit appointments and other non-school related activities to outside school hours.

It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify school officials in writing or by telephone stating the reason for their child’s absence.

A student's absence will be considered unexcused when the student is absent from school without the prearranged permission of the parent/ guardian or documented permission is not received from the parent/ guardian within 48 hours from the start of the absence.

Students must sign out at the attendance office before they can leave campus and sign in if they are late or coming from an appointment.

To excuse a student please call the attendance office 24/7 and leave a message.

Please leave a valid reason, the date your student was absent and your name.

If the absence is past the 48hr window please contact the Dean of Attendance. If a student is out more than 3 days please provide documentation.

Please don’t call or need your student ten minutes before your appointment!

Attendance Office