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Assistant Principals


Phone: 719-328-6642


Mr. Brian Blanc

Brian Blanc ME.D.

Assistant Principal

Brian Blanc is a dedicated and experienced educator who serves as the Assistant Principal at Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs. With a passion for fostering student success and creating a positive learning environment, Brian plays a crucial role in supporting both students, faculty and Families.

Professional Background:

Brian brings a wealth of expertise to his role, having served in various educational capacities over the years. Prior to his position as Assistant Principal, he worked as a Special Education Teacher, Assistant Principal, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Dean of Students, and Dropout Prevention Specialist. His diverse background has equipped him with a deep understanding of student needs and effective strategies for student engagement and achievement.

Leadership and Collaboration:

As Assistant Principal, Brian is known for his strong leadership skills and collaborative approach. He excels in building relationships with students, parents, and staff, creating a supportive network that fosters a positive school culture. Brian’s dedication to teamwork and open communication ensures a cohesive and thriving educational environment.

Student-Centered Approach:

Brian is committed to a student-centered approach to education. He believes in nurturing the whole child and creating an atmosphere where every student feels valued and supported. His focus on social-emotional learning and restorative practices contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals ready to succeed in both academics and life.

Innovative Practices:

Recognized as an innovator, Brian has introduced data-driven strategies to combat chronic absenteeism, enhance school culture, and promote student engagement. His work with data analytics and technology has led to the implementation of successful programs that benefit the entire school community.

Collaborative Problem-Solving:

Brian’s proficiency in collaborative problem-solving has been pivotal in developing targeted interventions to support student growth. His work with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) has proven effective in aligning curriculum, sharing best practices, and improving student outcomes.

Contact Information:

Brian Blanc is an approachable and dedicated professional who is always willing to engage with students, parents, and staff. For inquiries or to learn more about Mitchell High School's commitment to excellence, please contact Brian Blanc at

Brian Blanc is an essential member of the Mitchell High School leadership team, working tirelessly to create an environment where students thrive, teachers excel, and the community comes together in support of education.




Ms. Renee Cockrell

Hello, Mitchell Community!

As a Colorado Springs native and a graduate of District 11 schools, I am so proud to be a member of the Mitchell Leadership Team. I attended Colorado College for both my Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Teaching the Humanities degrees. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and Colorado licensed principal, and I am also a doctoral student at Northeastern University. I have been an educator for 17 years, and this is my third year in administration. It is my firm belief that every student can achieve at high levels with the proper supports and high expectations. My passion is working with teachers and students to fuel lifelong learning and discovery for all.  

At D11, we dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world. Our shared work in the classrooms, art studios, theater, gymnasiums, and the community at large here at Mitchell High School is evidence of our living commitment to this vital mission. You are always welcome to contact me at

Go, Marauders!

David Latino

It is with great humility and pride that I introduce myself to the Mitchell community as one of the assistant principals serving this historic Colorado Springs high school. I am a native Coloradan, who grew up in a family of educators, understanding from a young age the impact and importance of education. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Secondary Education from the University of Southern Colorado (Colorado State University-Pueblo) in 2001 with honors graduating magna cum laude and my Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership and Principal Licensure from Adams State University in 2006. With excitement, I enter my 23rd year in the educational field. I have been privileged and honored to commit to the profession with my roles as an IB-Humanities and Social Studies teacher, cooperative learning and instructional coach, school assessment coordinator, head baseball coach and assistant football coach, chairing several school academic, behavioral systems, and community engagement committees, and being a mentor for the Sachs Foundation Elevated program. In addition, I will be bringing 9 years of high school administrative experience to the Mitchell leadership team. I believe in giving students opportunities to reach their maximum potential. I am committed to bringing forth my best personal effort for our Mitchell students to have the very best educational and extracurricular experiences by providing pathways to success. By being transparent and partnering with all of our stakeholders, I feel we can work together to provide the best for our current and future students and collectively achieve greatness. There are challenges that we will face, but by addressing them it will make us stronger, and will allow us to focus on being present, have constructive and productive conversations, and positively support our students’ educational goals and aspirations. Together we will be able to generate excellence and celebrate our successes. Thank you for the privilege to serve as your assistant principal. Together, We are Mitchell!