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Social Studies





The Mitchell Social Studies department is here to chew bubble gum and teach social studies... and we are all out of bubble gum.

The goal of this department is to prepare students to be productive citizens of both the United States and the world. We achieve this by providing our students with a myriad of opportunities to explore history, geography, government, law, economics and more. Mitchell Freshman gains an understanding of the world through Pre-AP World History and Geography, Sophomores learn the colorful history of the United States, while Juniors and Seniors study the functions of the United States and the fundamentals of Economics.  In addition to these core classes, we offer electives that appeal to a wide range of interests. 

Mitchell Social Studies looks forward to helping all students meet their educational and career goals.


Mary LaCroix (chair):

Concurrent enrollment General Psych, Concurrent Enrollment United States History, Constitutional and Criminal Law, and United States History.

Adam Palmer:

Economics and AP (Advance Placement) Economics.

Alex Dowdy:

Student Council, Government, and Concurrent Enrollment Government

Zach Grant:

Government and United States History

Nick Enlow:

Pre-AP World History and Geography

John Barruzza:

Pre-AP World History and Geography, Ethnic Studies, and Concurrent Enrollment World History

Keith Kasper:

Pre-AP World History and Geography, Sociology, and United States History

Keith Walter:

United States History