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Physical Ed and Health




Welcome to the Physical Education Department!


The mission of the Physical Education Program is to teach students about health-related fitness, and physical competence in team & individual sports and provide opportunities for students to learn and participate in a variety of lifetime activities. This is called the new PE, where the focus is on leading a healthy lifestyle through a variety of lifetime activities and sports.

Our quality program will include the following indicators:

  1. Standards-based instruction.
  2. Developmentally appropriate activities.
  3. Develops skill acquisition.
  4. High level of engaged activity time.
  5. Builds self-esteem.
  6. Aligned assessments.
  7. Promotes safety and self-respect.
  8. Teaches sportsmanship.
  9. Connect to other content areas.
  10. Literacy strategies.

Important Documents


  • Josh Browning 

  • Dan Downs

  • Adrienne Dettler

  • Kathy Corbett